The Ethiopian Victory At Adwa: Meanings For Africans & People of African Descent in the Diaspora 


PRESENTED FOR THE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OF THE VICTORY OF ADWA Howard College, Washington DC; Dusable Museum, Chicago, March 1996 By Ghelawdewos Araia On this article, I’ll try to make use of an Afrocentric perspective of historical past in gentle of the geopolitical vicissitudes of the 19th century that utterly modified the African state of affairs vis-à-vis the survival of Ethiopian independence. I’ve used Afrocentricism intentionally to uncover historic distortions perpetrated by Europeans of their try to painting Ethiopians and/or Africans as ‘ savages who wanted European civilization for societal transformation.’ Afrocentricism can also be directed towards Ethiopians who have no idea that different Africans


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