Benefits of Employee Transport Management System

Employee Transport Management System

Office commute is one of the biggest challenges for employees across the globe. An employee spends more than ten hours and hundreds of dollars a week to travel to and from the office. 

Besides, office travel is a burden for companies as well. Not offering a proper transport facility can lead to increased costs and unhappy employees.

An employee transport management system can solve this problem for you. Let’s dig in some benefits of using an employee TMS.

What is an employee transport management system?

An employee transport management system allows you to provide your employees with a safe, cost-effective, and time-saving way of traveling to work. It helps you reduce costs, increase workspace productivity, and improve employee satisfaction.

Some typical features of a transport management system for employees are:

  • Routes and timings
  • Trip details and check-in
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Notifications
  • Self-rostering

Using an employee TMS can be beneficial for both the company and the employees. Let’s take a look at these benefits in detail.

Benefits for companies

Using an employee transport management system can benefit you and your organization in the following ways.

Higher retention of top talent

One of the biggest reasons why the best candidates want to join your organization, but they don’t is ‘commute.’ The extra expense of petrol or diesel, the toll that driving takes on one’s body, or the torture of public transport, the commute is a bigger issue than you might think. And therefore, it plays a significant role in determining whether employees will work for you in the long term or not.

Having an employee transport management system in place eliminates this issue and ensures your employees who live far away from your office can also work for you. Moreover, thinking about the commute of your employees can give them a big enough inspiration to continue working for you.

Cost savings

Most companies give their employees parking spots in the office complex. If you have hundreds of employees coming to the office daily, the parking costs can really stress your budget. An employee transport management system is a comparatively less expensive affair and can go a long way in reducing your operational costs.

Nowadays, most transport management solutions are cloud-based, so setting them up is also not costly.

Increased employee productivity

As a business owner, you want your employees to maintain peak productivity levels all day long. This is true, especially for client-facing employees or those working at leadership roles. Deadlines, targets, management, and more – employees already have a lot on the table. And the last thing they need is a 40-minute exhausting bus journey to the office.

An employee transport management system allows you to cut down the commute time of your employees and give them more time to complete their core tasks. Your employees can use their travel time for more productive tasks, like planning the day and making important calls.

Positive workplace environment

Providing your employees with a transport facility makes them happy and satisfied. When everyone in your office seems happy and fulfilled, it leads to a positive work environment, which further enhanced workspace productivity.

Minimize payroll taxes

If you don’t provide any transport facility for your employees, you’ll need to pay them a transport allowance. This allowance is taxable, so you have to pay tax on it. This can add up to a lot of extra costs for your business.

With the help of an employee transport management system, you can make this allowance tax free and save a considerable amount of money for your company.

Benefits for employees

Employees transport management system

Let’s take a look at how your employees can benefit from an employee transport management system.  

Reduced costs

Apart from reducing your operational costs, a TMS also helps your employees save money. For example, the average cost of office commute in the US is $2,600 per person per year.

These costs can be too much for the employees, especially if they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Deploying an employee transport management system helps your employees save commute costs.

Peace of mind

Imagine waking up to one thought every morning, “Will I get the bus on time? If I do, will I get to sit today?” It’s what most employees in the world go through. As soon as they wake up, they don’t think about doing well at work but a way to get the bus to the office on time.

This can be really stressful for your employees. An employee transport management system gives your employees peace of mind and allows them to think about more important things.

Health benefits

Spending long distances in crowded public buses and trains can lead to several health risks. These include muscle and bone problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic issues, and increased stress. An employee transportation management system makes sure your employees are fit and healthy.

More free time

An average employee spends 2 hours a day in office commute. As a result, they reach their homes late and get less time to spend with their friends and family. By providing them a transport facility, you cut their commute time to half or even less. Thus, your employees can save more time and use it to do things other than work and travel.

Safety for women

Women facing harassment in public transport is a continual problem that doesn’t seem to end. These issues double during the nighttime. Since a large number of women work night shifts, they are at a higher risk, and as an employer, their safety is your responsibility.

An employee transport management system entails features like real-time tracking and emergency alerts. This ensures your women workers can travel to work without being concerned about their safety.


Your employees are your biggest assets, so you need to make sure they’re at peace. And what’s a better way to make them happy than solving their biggest problem – office commute?

An employee transport management system allows you to do this. It helps you offer them a seamless work travel experience, thereby increasing their satisfaction and productivity.

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