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Ways to Set-Up A Snug Reading Nook

We are often trapped in our so-busy schedule. The daily humdrum keeps us enwrapped in its stressful monotony. And amidst all this what if we get a place to explore our peaceful side. A dedicated space where we can enjoy our favorite book, roll our eyes through a stack of magazines, or even meditate. Feeling happy? Doesn’t this sound interesting?

So, here is the trick to make feel you feel happy. Read along to know inspiring ways to create your ideal reading nook.

1. Find the Right Place: 

The first thing you need to do is to find the right place. Narrowing down the choice for the best place may depend on your home layout and your personal preferences. For instance, some like reading in quite areas while for some a bit of background noise may not be an issue. However, many people opt for creating their reading nook in a room corner beside a large window. This is a cool option but if you aren’t lucky enough to have this awesome space then look for space that provides you the ease of mind.


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2. Incorporate Coziness with the right Seating: 

Nothing says cozy more than an oversized chair or a fluffy l shape sofa. Although there are several types of seating which you can pick as per your choice. Since no one size fits all, a seating that might be comfortable for you may not be for others. Therefore, only choose a unit that is comfortable for you. You can also consider placing a stressless office chair, or an ottoman or a bench.

3. Do not Compromise on Comfort:

In order to enjoy a peaceful reading session, you need to stay as comfortable as possible. With intruding pain and discomfort, it is hard to stay focused. Hence, it is essential to pay serious attention to comfort while creating a reading nook.

Use comfy cushions and pillows that induce a soothing effect. Remember the fabrics you use aren’t itchy. Additionally, incorporate hues that imbibe your nook with a homey feel while pleasing your senses. To render your feet with coziness consider laying an area rug.

4. Include a Bookshelf: 

Having a bookshelf alongside your reading nook will always keep you jazzed up for an afternoon reading session. Installing a bookshelf adds life to your reading corner. It will enable you to have access to all your favorite books in one place.

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In compact spaces, built-in bookshelves go well. They can be easily installed anywhere you wish to have a reading nook.

5. Display Proper Lighting: 

The brighter the area is, the better you will feel. A properly lit reading nook will enable you to read better without any distractions. Choose light sources that provide appreciable lighting without casting the shadow. However, if you have your reading book alongside the window then you are lucky enough. But if don’t, you need to have artificial lighting. Place a wee reading lamp or hang a pendant light right above your reading area. For more chic look you can also opt to use rope lighting.


Hurrah! This is how you can create your reading nook to meet all your reading needs.

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