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Friendspire: Why Trust A Stranger When You Can Trust A Friend?

People are getting tired of the noise. The general consensus is that people want to read a review about something they are interested in. People want a review and recommendations they can trust, not something thrown together haphazardly. 

This is where Friendspire comes into play. It is free to use and download. It also takes the guesswork out of things like podcasts. bars, restaurants, movie nights, books, and tv shows.


Let’s use watching a movie as an example. It is common for people to sit around with their friends to watch a movie on movie night. What happens when one friend misses out? Say, for example, that Shannon misses out on a movie night with her friends.

She knows which movie they watched; she just was not able to be there. She wants to know how good or bad it was.

Now, she could easily read something online about it. However, the online recommendations might not be as honest as she needs them to be. That is why has created a free account on the Friendspire app.

She can go to the reviews to see what her friends had to say(another way of saying, recommendations from friends). She reads the reviews and then chooses whether or not to add the movie to her bookmarked pages.

The reason Shannon creates her own bookmarks and pages (like Best Doomsday Movies) is that she might not necessarily have the same taste that Todd or Matt does. They both like the same genre, but that does not translate to Shannon, Matt, and Todd watching the same movies all the time.

Shannon can watch the movie any time she likes, if she decides she likes it. The same thing can apply to things like podcasts, tv shows, books, and bars. Jenny might like the new bar downtown, but that does not mean that Crystal will.

That is why they have Friendspire. Crystal can read the review (of the bar) that Jenny left and decide for herself.

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Michael, Sam, and Jordan decide to go out to the newest place in New York. Sam’s brother cannot make it because he has to work, but he does want to know what they think.

Sam, Jordan, and Michael go out. They come back later and go on Friendspire. They bookmark the review specifically for Sam’s brother. Sam’s brother reads it the next day(after he gets up).

Sam, Jordan, and Michael have left Sam’s brother an honest review of what they think of the place. Sam’s brother knows he can trust them. Sam’s brother can then decide whether or not he wants to join them the next time(based on the review).

That is the beauty of this free app. Every user is getting an honest review from someone they know and trust. That is much better than reading through much of the noise found online.

Some of the reviews do not even get the point. Some reviews talk about everything, but what they are supposed to. San’s brother(as well as others) can trust the results they get through online reviews and recommendations from friends.

What Are Others Saying About This Free App?

It goes without saying, that most people want some reassurances that apps like this really do work. They want to know this app is not just another “face in the crowd”. They want something that will be around for a few years’ time, not just a current trend that fades later.

Below are two examples of real-time posts from Friendspire users. Read what they have to say.

1) Everyone should download this app right now. Everyone will get what they want, and when they want it. This app filters out the noise 100%. 

2) This app is what people have been looking for, for quite some time now. Users get real reviews from their real people( that they know and trust), not just filtered reviews setup for endorsements. This is a big game-changer that will hopefully stick around.

FYI: Overall, this app is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Now is the time to see what everyone is talking about. Sign up now.



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