AMHA SELASSIE (1916-1997)


CONTRIBUTED BY: SAHEED ADEJUMOBI Amha Selassie, the final emperor of Ethiopia, was proclaimed ruler of the state 3 times, first in 1960, then in 1975, and at last whereas in exile in 1989.  Selassie was born Asfaw Wossen Tafari within the walled metropolis of Harrar in August 1916 to Dejazmach Tafari Makonnen, then the governor of Harrar and future emperor of Ethiopia, and his spouse Menen Asfaw. Amha Selassie turned Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen of Ethiopia when his father was topped emperor on November 2, 1930. In December 1960, the Imperial Guard launched a coup and seized energy in Ethiopia whereas the emperor was on a go to to Brazil.


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