Beni Shanguel Gumuz State/Kilil where GERD is located many lives are frequently lost in that part of Ethiopia by “unknown” armed men.


By Tedla Asfaw On previous Sunday killings greater than 80 individuals, majority of them Amharas have been gunned down together with kids in line with eye witnesses.Names of the lifeless have been learn on media, all Amharas !!! On VOA Amharic govt spokesperson from the area confirmed the killing by what he known as anti peace forces. He additionally stated that this was not ethnically motivated and doesn’t have the variety of the lifeless and injured. Just lately in Bahir Dar, the Oromo State/Kilil President Shimelese Abdissa and the Beni Shangul President have been rewarded for protecting the “peace” of their bordering space with Amhara Kilil.


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