When the Kabuga of Rwanda is Facing the Court,  the Kagbugas of  Ethiopia Are  still Enjoying the Thrones!


Belayneh Abate October 10, 2020 After many years of hiding,  Félicien Kabuga of Rwanda is going through justice for practically a million Tutsis slaughtered through the Rwanda Genocide. [1] This genocide  was uncared for by the world and this negligence has contributed to the huge extent of the Tutsis extermination. The Amara genocide victims repeatedly voiced that the genocide committers have been assisted by the regional directors and the safety of equipment within the genocides and ethnic cleansings of Amaras for 3 many years, particularly for the final three years. The Ethiopian Kabugas organized and promoted the killings of Neftegnas-the nick title the Ethiopians Kabugas


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