Comment on Ethiopia’s Anatomical Perspectives: A Procrastination for Head over Nose by Mekonen


@The Queen of Sheba,
Thanks for the very considerate article of yours. Definitely, your strategies are immensely smart and due to this fact they’re one thing the Abiy Ahmed authorities ought to comply with and apply if it has the curiosity of the nation as a complete – versus that of a small group of ethnic agitators and profiteers – in its coronary heart.
Sadly, the Abiy Ahmed authorities has virtually at all times acted to advance the pursuits of the ethno radicals and profiteers on the expense of the entire nation – using empty rhetoric to confuse the remainder, constantly concocting and spreading potpourris to cowl up the stench of tribalism which is on the coronary heart of his administration.
It’s fascinating, Abiy Ahmed has by no means come throughout an ethno radical agitator and profiteer that he wouldn’t empower and provides a stage to and defend – e.g., Shimelis Abdisa, Taye Dendea, Addisu Arega, Lencho Leta and so forth and so forth. Effectively, that’s, until anybody of them get it into their heads to threaten his maintain on to energy – e.g., Jawar Ahmed and that dimwit, excruciatingly embarrassing fool Bekele Geraba – through which case they’re off to jail, indefinitely.
One wonders if there are any average Oromo politicians who’re intellectually respectable, pragmatic, smart, beneficiant versus the slender minded, grasping, radical ethno nationalists we’re being subjected to in every single place we flip ourselves to.
Effectively, I’m sure there could be many, many such people, there must be – although none of them would ever be empowered or given any stage to current an alternate path and/or imaginative and prescient for the Oromo and the nation as a complete than that at the moment being dictated by the novel ethno nationalists whom Abiy Ahmed significantly favors – as a result of, amongst different issues, they’re all corrupt and corruptible, and therefore, very simple to manage.
Anyway, why have they got to have a imaginative and prescient of 1 group being extra equal than equal, what about all being merely equal, not less than working in the direction of that, is the one mannequin that they might consider is the one which handed right down to them from that moronic group -TPLF? Effectively, to name TPLF moron or moronic is to do an ideal injustice to that time period, an ideal injustice!
In any case, a minor level of disagreement with the article, in regard to terminology, particularly, using TPLF cabal and so forth. I’m sorry however it’s a little bit of nonsense, cabal, junta, and so forth, that’s. TPLF is TPLF – a prison, a terrorist group via and thru, a bunch which ought to have be designated as such very long time in the past.
So too OLF – calling them OLF Shane or some such is an empty political theatrics. OLF is OLF – one other prison, terrorist group via and thru, which should even be designated as terrorist group – similar to the TPLF. By the way in which, the warfare with TPLP is just not over, not less than, not fully, there appears to be a good quantity of preventing remains to be occurring, numerous experiences recommend. . .
And that can proceed to make it tough to take care of the present menace and the invasion of Sudan – as such, it’s not solely Sudan, it is usually the remnants of the TPLF – in addition to Egypt – that the nation has to take care of. . . Effectively, the one approach ahead now’s for Ethiopian authorities is to begin appearing with a point of honesty, work to carry the nation collectively, put a cease to the genocide and the ethnic cleaning that’s being perpetuated by the forces that it appears it has been tacitly supporting. . .
Abiy Ahmed’s authorities must be very, very cautious now – in some ways than one – lest it is going to carry not solely its personal doom but additionally that of the county’s as a complete.
Let’s keep in mind that one of many very vital causes that the TPLF was capable of get a free trip to Addis Ababa was as a result of the Mengistu Haile Mariam’s authorities was so hated and deserted by the individuals of Ethiopia, they thought nothing worse than it may come – because it occurred, TPLF proved itself to be worse, however that was the sensation of the individuals on the time. Granted that this time we face a international enemy, Sudan, which may change that sort of calculus someway. . .
Nonetheless, as soon as in energy, TPLF dominated Ethiopia as a international occupying power, corrupting and sabotaging all the pieces, together with unilaterally imposing the cursed factor that they referred to as ‘Structure’ and the training system that they downgraded to virtually nothing. As such, a lot of the Ethiopian youth was subjected to school training that was not even equal to a highschool training in a greater run nation.
Furthermore, they virtually destroyed the ethical cloth of your entire nation – a number of the slender minded, grasping, corrupt ethno radical agitators and profiteers we now have to deal with now are direct outcomes of the TPLF’s sabotaging of the nation.


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