The Ethiopian Conflict: Prof. Alex de Waal’s “Patriotic TPLF Statesmen” in New York Times today!  


To: Expensive Professor Alex de Waal, I’m stunned that you just contemplate TPLF 27yr dictators who represented solely the 10% of their Tigrayan tribe to be “statesmen and patriots“! The opposite 90% of Ethiopia’s folks contemplate them brutal dictators, pure and easy. Their Tigrayan cousins in Eritrea merely thought-about them battle criminals. Your views are clearly propaganda meant for the incoming Biden Administration, however any hope that Biden’s Administration will brow-beat Ethiopia’s Authorities on behalf of the TPLF criminals is wishful pondering (simply as Trump found when he tried to brow-beat the Ethiopian Authorities on behalf of Egypt). Simply because the USA has Genocide and Slavery of their


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