The Ethiopian Conflict: Prof. Alex de Waal’s “Patriotic TPLF Statesmen” in New York Times today!  


To: Expensive Professor Alex de Waal, I’m shocked that you simply take into account TPLF 27yr dictators who represented solely the 10% of their Tigrayan tribe to be “statesmen and patriots“! The opposite 90% of Ethiopia’s individuals take into account them brutal dictators, pure and easy. Their Tigrayan cousins in Eritrea merely thought of them warfare criminals. Your views are clearly propaganda supposed for the incoming Biden Administration, however any hope that Biden’s Administration will brow-beat Ethiopia’s Authorities on behalf of the TPLF criminals is wishful considering (simply as Trump found when he tried to brow-beat the Ethiopian Authorities on behalf of Egypt). Simply because the USA has Genocide and Slavery of their


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