Lest we make the same mistake; The international community’s response to current situation in Ethiopia


Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners (SOCEPP-Canada) የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ እሥረኞች አንድነት ኮሚቴ (ኢፖእአኮ–ካናዳ) Electronic mail: and Internet: March 9, 2021 On October 10, 1990, Nayrah;  the fifteen (15) 12 months outdated Kuwaiti lady offers the US Congressional Human Rights Committee a “harrowing particulars of a human rights abuse by Iraqi Troopers” which, she was quoted as saying she witnessed such an occasion going down on the Al Sabah Maternity Hospital in Kuwait. She reported, ; “…they burst into the hospital whereas I used to be working there that day and eliminated and took away all of the incubators thereby inflicting over 300


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