Amara Intellectuals Fail to Call the Well-Documented Amara Genocide by Its Name


Whereas the TPLF Cadres Introduced Their Unsubstantiated Declare to the Consideration of the World in Three Months, the Amara Intellectuals Fail to Name the Nicely-Documented Amara Genocide by Its Title for Extra Than Forty Years! By Belayneh Abate March 12, 2021 When you fail to provide a noise, don’t blame listeners for not getting a response. Not like the Amara elites, the Tigre Folks Liberation Entrance (TPLF) cadres shouted loud collectively, and it seems they’re getting a response. Whereas  TPLF cadres shouted loud and introduced their unsubstantiated declare to the eye of the worldwide neighborhood, the Amara intellectuals miserably


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