Scapegoating Eritrea: Amnasty International’s Hatchet Job of Lies and Damned Lies!


Alemayehu G. Mariam March 11, 2021 ETHIOPIANS AND ERITREANS UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED. NEVER! Writer’s Word: Jeff Pearce, the Canadian journalist and writer, in his March 4, 2021 commentary, “Ethiopia: Lies, Rattling Lies, Axum and the West”, has dissected Amnesty Worldwide’s so-called proof on the “Axum Bloodbath” with the journalistic equal of a surgeon’s scalpel. I extremely suggest Pearce’s knowledgeable commentary to my readers. I’ve two aims on this commentary. First, I goal to evaluate the February 26, 2021 Amnesty Worldwide’s report on the “Eritrean troops’ bloodbath of lots of of Axum civilians” from the angle of justiciability. In different phrases, is


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