Why Deaf Ears and Closed Eyes? – The scheme to Balkanize Ethiopia-


Aklog Birara (Dr) March 20, 2021 Half I of II Tens of tens of millions of Ethiopians inside and out of doors the nation are aghast and dumbfounded by the depth and breadth of Western assist to the avowed Marxist-Leninist, anti-democratic, ethno-nationalist, anti-Ethiopian, traitorous and corrupt Tigray Folks’s Liberation Entrance (TPLF). I shall present 4 hideous examples as an example the barbaric, degenerate, and inhumane nature of the TPLF. It’s appalling to me that Western democracies, UN specialised businesses some within the worldwide media equivalent to AFP, CNN and the Voice of America subscribe to and echo unsubstantiated info as fact. Within the ongoing


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