Comment on U.S. Africa Envoy: Ethiopia Crisis Could Make Syria Look Like ‘Child’s Play’ by Yetesfsa Chilanchile


It’s good for brand new official on board, nevertheless for all such mess in Tigray area & the horn of Africa, particularly in Ethiopia , Egypt & Sudan, # request needs to be forwarded to America fictitious international coverage. Why instability & crises proceed in Tigray?? US officers need to reply this query. It’s due to TPLF smugglers who snatched poor Ethiopian cash, sheltered in America and now igniting battle by spending cash in an effort to revive tyrant TPLF so referred to as officers. So who’s behind the scene??? What did so referred to as ur ex-official Susan Rise, it was Youngster play to make Ethiopia like Sorya or return TPLF officers. These is a good mess dedicated by such grasping teams. Therefore, what America govt can carry to Ethiopian individuals??? As an alternative of chaos & faux diplomacy, first Biden administration shall ban all illgeal cash snatchers that present in your nation examine what they’re doing??? Even when all such messes achieved, Ethiopian individuals are sincere, concern of God,, imagine on faith, settle for the ability of almighty God. So no manner to enter Sorya as land of promise by God. So do your issues proper as an alternative of faux international coverage.
We imagine on Almighty God & beneficiant of Alha as Ethiopia said on Bible & Kuran many occasions and never gave up.
Lengthy stay to Ethiopia!!!


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