Comment on Impartiality still at risk! Ethnic-based partiality and discrimination need to end! by ውብሸት


Your era of Amaras who had been denied academic , economical and political energy wanted to compromise with TPLF and forgive TPLF within the 2010’s when TPLF repeatedly tried to compromise along with your era of Amaras however your era of Amaras didn’t compromise which paved the best way for the Oromo elites to take all the facility, in case your era of Amara forgave TPLF and began to carry dialogues with TPLF within the mid 2010’s when TPLF reached out to your era of Amaras publicly quite a few occasions, TPLF would have let the Amaras do get a number of the energy in Ethiopia additionally however your era of Amaras had been nowhere able to compromise with TPLF , on the time solely the Oromo (together with the Southern and Japanese Ethiopians) had been keen to compromise with TPLF , that’s the reason all the facility is presently within the palms of the Oromos who’re swallowing the opposite minority ethnicities allover Ethiopia, ultimately on the brink of swallow Addis Ababa and the Amara area too the place the Amaras have any probability to have a future preserving their identities any longer.
If solely the center aged Amaras compromised with TPLF within the early to mid 2010’s when TPLF requested/begged/insisted Amaras to compromise with the TPLF presently the survival of Ethiopia and the Orthodox faith wouldn’t have been at stake proper now so if you wish to blame anybody for the distress you’re subjecting your kids then blame your self, it’s too late to your era of Amaras to vary your kids’s future now as a result of Oromuummaa has all the facility and isn’t keen to compromise with the Amaras. My suggestion could be simply attempt to be comfy in your distress as you perfected being comfy in your distress by now since you bought no recollection of life with out distress as your dad and mom era of Amaras do have such recollection. Your dad and mom era of Amaaras had been at all times keen to compromise with TPLF however your era of Amaras weren’t since you had been doomed or damned for a lifetime of distress all of your life , you even doomed or damned subsequent generations of Amaras to a lifetime of distress and demise for a number of generations till the Amara genocide hearth goes out on it’s personal Worldwide Felony Courtroom or no international energy can put out the genocidal hearth which had been ignited by the Oromuumma/Oromos.


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