Comment on The looming crises in the Horn of Africa and the ramifications for British interests by rezen


Topic: QUOTE }The looming crises within the Horn of Africa and the ramifications for British pursuits, Could 14, 2021 Lecturers and Professionals for Constructive Modifications in Ethiopia (APfPCE) ” UNQUOTE
Humble Remark, 14 Could 2021
Right here we go once more with one other commentary/suggestion for the answer to the Ethiopian Downside of the 21Century. There may be nothing flawed with that good will try by the mushrooming of educated Ethiopians to come back to the rescue of their historical unbiased nation across the Globe. Sure, a BLACK AFRICAN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY together with the famend Nice Britain. P.S. We are going to NOT go into the motives of the 2 historical international locations. In any case, they’re 180 diploma out of part !!!! There’s a excellent Amharic Proverb, translated right here crudely: “Whereas realizing one another, allow us to not chock one another,” Ahhh….There may be nothing than our Black African knowledge. Nothing. Alas, I’m aware of Western civilization that blinded the Black Africans through hypnotizing us with the so-called “training”. We had been ENSLAVED with a rope [necktie] round our necks !!!!!! However I’m digressing.
To make the Article extra fascinating, EGYPT can be inspired to affix with the affairs of the above. One wants an excellent three-minutes to snort about it. Egypt made it clear that there’ll by no means be any negotiation till the issue with the Nile is solved in accordance with Egypt’s want and dedication. In brief, NO BLACK COUNTRY (“ABID” ) will demean an historical CIVILIZED land of the Pharaohs. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! so stated the ‘immortal’ President of Egypt of the 21st Century. . Ethiopia is meant to be frightened to its bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem is on the plate — taking into consideration the proud historical past of Historic Ethiopia. It’s a truth — NOT a conjecture. THE END


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