Comment on Unfairness of American Policy towards Ethiopia by Habte Selassie


Expensive Almaz
Thanks for this text. It comes from the guts, and also you informed it as it’s. I’m actually pleased with you, expensive sister.
However I’ve a difficulty with the title of your article, “Unfairness of American coverage in the direction of Ethiopia?” The query is, has American coverage ever been truthful? America itself has informed to anyone who cares to pay attention that its international coverage is designed to advertise and safeguard its ‘Nationwide pursuits’. It has by no means been about equity.
Now the one billion greenback query is “why do the US, Britain, France particularly, together with the EU, went out of their option to help the TPLF, which you rightly descried it, essentially the most infamous junta power in historical past? That continued even after it was crushed decisively. These powers beloved the TPLF significantly for one purpose; the place their goals and TPLF’s converged, that’s, Breaking apart the nation into 9 or 10 ethnic Bantustans. They thought their 30 years love affair was bearing fruit when abruptly the mighty Ethio Nationwide Protection Forces crushed the TPLF in a matter of some weeks. They couldn’t swallow this bitter capsule.


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