Comment on The Constant Gardener: Genocide, Sanction, Election in Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopia by Addisu Aleme


It’s a fantastic evaluation. Folks usually speak in regards to the atrocities of the TPLF. there isn’t a doubt about that. However what many individuals overlook is the truth that many of the present authorities excessive officers had been components and parcels of that oppressive regime.
In addition to, they’re now paving the best way for the political and financial management by ODP/OLF on the graveyards of the Amhara and Tigray folks. Individuals are fooled by jargons corresponding to Prosperity. It is a soiled tactic copied from Isaiyas Afeworki who put Natsnet or barnet throughout the Eritrean so referred to as referendum. Who will vote for Barnet? And now they’re anticipating folks to vote for prosperity quite than poverty. It is vitally low-cost tactic.
They assume they’ll do something as a result of they’ve numerous puppets such because the Election Board and events such because the Gim 7/EZEMA. Disgrace disgrace disgrace. Folks need to get up.


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