Comment on 64 dead in Ethiopian airstrike on Tigray marketplace by Ittu Aba Farda


It is a large no no! Whoever did this, whoever allegedly killed civilians needs to be held accountable. In bloody battle zones like this one civilians are at all times caught between the warring factions. They’re like damned you do and damned you don’t. The goons of the TPLF have an extended historical past of establishing harmless residents as casualty of battle. Their very own former colleague had instructed us how they arrange the mooncalf Mengistu for the Howzen air strike within the 1980’s. They willl attempt to do this time and again as a result of the perimeter advantages from such bloodbath is extra valued to their demonic marketing campaign than Allah created human lives of harmless residents. That is how leftist rebels function:Make earnings whether or not others are lifeless or alive.


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