Add Page Numbers to Your PDF Quickly With PDFBear

PDF is a widely used format not just in academia, but also in business and government institutions. It keeps the components of your raw files with exceptional precision. This indicates that no attributes in your raw file will be ignored or missed. The one thing it can’t do is keep animations in your document.

Aside from the protection functionality, it will reduce the size of your document so that your device’s memory can still accommodate other items and provide reasonably quick operation. However, PDF files cannot be updated as rapidly as Word or PPT.

To make the work easier and more convenient, there is an employed variety of tools for PDF files and one of them is the PDFBear.  With PDFBear, you can be provided with a plethora of capabilities for a PDF file at a minimal cost while retaining the file’s integrity and maintaining our files protected.

Nifty Features of PDFBear

PDFBear is a system that enables users to make changes to their PDF files. Its features include the ability to add text or photos, split, rotate, edit your PDF files. It also has a feature called the Add Page to PDF Tool that can help you add pages to your file. On top of that, it can convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and vice versa. Now, we’ll take a look at each of the website’s functions individually.

Handy and Simple to Use

For starters, it is a website that is extremely user-friendly and convenient. The service is accessible to users of all categories, even those with minimal experience browsing sites. The directions are simple to understand and execute. You can already have your changed PDF with a few taps from around the page.

It is also efficient since it is completed in minutes or seconds, in addition to being easily navigable. This is very useful for individuals who are in a rush since their submission is due in five minutes, for example. After a few minutes of exploring the webpage, you may sit back, enjoy, and relax while the site processes your file at great speed.

Safeguards Confidentiality

The site’s founder places a high priority on online consumers’ right to privacy. Assume you are concerned about submitting a file to the network for concern of it being pirated or utilized without your permission. In such a scenario, PDFBear’s license agreement will promise you that none of this will occur because the site uses SSL Encryption to secure your submitted files. With its 256-BIT SSL security encryption, users are ensured that their documents are entirely secured. After 60 minutes, PDFBear removes all files posted to their system, assuring us that the files will not come to terms with other people’s company and be duplicated or altered out.

Fantastic Functionalities

More than just permitting you to append pages to your PDF, the site also allows you to make other changes, such as inserting a few notes or fixing typographical errors to enrich the substance of your file. To prevent having page numbers on your title page, designate the first sheet of the file as your article or book’s cover page.

Available for All

This framework is also extremely beneficial to individuals who cannot afford the extra costs and difficulty of additional software. Downloading and updating the software is something you would purposefully avoid if you regard your money and schedule so highly. With PDFBear, all you need is your device and an online connection to modify your PDFs whenever and wherever you want.

Reliable and User-Friendly

You would also not want to be concerned about the platforms becoming inconsistent with your gadget or browser. Whatever you’re using, the website’s designers guarantee that it will run without a hitch. The website’s software is verified on a variety of operating systems and browsers, even ones that are rarely utilized.

Adding Page to PDF Procedure

To successfully incorporate additional pages into your PDF, you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Upload PDF File

When we state the procedures are simple, we mean grade school level simple. All you must do is follow four simple steps, and it’ll be possible to alter your PDF file in no time. Upload a PDF file to which you want to add numbers as the initial stage. You can either drag the file to the conversion box or select a file from your device.

  1. Modify the File

Wait for the upload to finish before proceeding to the next phase. The program will scan your PDF file and make modifications so that you can update it. You don’t have to fear it lasting too long; as we indicated in the features discussed, the website will analyze your documents in minutes or seconds.

  1. Place the Numbers

In the third stage, choose the area for which you want to submit for the page number. According to where you’d like it, you can put it on the left side, right, or center, or on the upper section. As previously stated, you can also designate that the cover page will not be included in the distribution of page numbers. You can also correct grammatical problems while you’re at it.

  1. Download and Save

After you have completed all of the modifications, you will be directed to the download page with the available link, where the page will make your PDF file available for download. Aside from saving it on your smartphone, you can also send it to your teacher or supervisor and share it on social media for the opinions of your friends and supporters.

In a Nutshell

While PDF files are a useful way to save memory space on your device and keep the components of your documents, they cannot be updated immediately unless you invest a significant amount of money to get the software. This is why PDFBear exists: to provide you with a high-quality service at a low cost. So, give this handy tool a try for your paper needs; you won’t need any other resources after exploring it. It is a convenient and secure online platform where users can use their products quickly and easily while maintaining the highest possible document quality. It is inexpensive and can be accessible by anybody at any time by just accessing the internet. It is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices. As a result, you can use it on phones, iPad, computers, or laptops.

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