What is artificial bamboo? Artificial bamboo material

As you can see, the market is now famous for artificial bamboo materials in exterior decoration. However, many people still do not know about this product line. Therefore, let’s go into research together to keep up with trends and apply when necessary.

What is artificial bamboo?

Artificial bamboo material is made from synthetic materials with various sizes and designs. Bamboo is designed with colors such as blue, yellow, to create products that are not too different from natural bamboo in terms of form. Besides, the product can bring convenience, ensure durability and good quality.

Artificial bamboo material

Artificial bamboo is produced from many different types of plastic materials such as: PVC, synthetic resin, … At the same time, to increase impact and good durability, PVC is also combined with a number of different materials: MBS, ABS, CPE, EVA,…All aim to bring you a perfect product line.

Created products can be used as a substitute for other materials such as concrete, iron and steel to aim at the beauty of modern, unique and impressive architectural space. Products are mostly used for decoration in both interior and exterior spaces.

Some great advantages of artificial bamboo

After being introduced to the market, artificial bamboo quickly received the attention of many people. So what made this product line so successful? Here are some great advantages of artificial bamboo in exterior architectural design that you may not know.

High durability, good quality

Most of the artificial bamboo is made of high-quality plastic material with good impact resistance and heat resistance. In particular, compared to natural bamboo, natural bamboo is resistant to termites, alkali resistant and not corroded by moisture and soil pH. Artificial bamboo is also much more durable than ordinary wood, has better compressive strength than concrete. From there, you can be assured of the quality and durability of bamboo.

High aesthetics

One of the advantages of artificial bamboo is its aesthetic appeal. The product can be known in many different colors such as yellow copper, green, brown, … looks like natural bamboo to create a sense of familiarity and closer to nature.

At the same time, artificial bamboo is used in exterior architecture to aim at a new and unique shape in design. Not only that, bamboo is also diversely designed with large and small bamboo tubes or sides, tubes of different lengths and lengths. Depending on your needs, you can choose the products you want.

Reasonable price to save money

More than ever, artificial bamboo is also the optimal choice for those with limited costs. Products are often used at a cheap price compared to bamboo and natural wood but still ensure the material. From there, you can save money significantly.

Easy to install and construct

Unlike natural bamboo, artificial bamboo is usually light in weight, easy to transport and construct. Besides, bamboo is designed vertically, without warping and with joints, very easy to install and construct.

Applications of artificial bamboo in life

Artificial bamboo is a material that is gradually becoming familiar and popular to many people. Products are widely applied in decoration, interior and exterior design, used as bamboo huts, bamboo walls, bamboo wall panels, bamboo frames for garden decoration,… Specifically, with a number of applications Typical in life.

Exterior decoration

In recent years, many people often prefer to use artificial bamboo to design unique and impressive furniture products. Bamboo can be used to create decorative flower pots or combine them to make lamps, use bamboo tubes to arrange flowers, use as hanging pots, …

Artificial bamboo can be used to decorate many different spaces. Since then, in order to bring an ideal living space, with a new design but close to nature and meet aesthetic needs.

As a front

Design, decorate the artificial bamboo screen, the perfect choice for many people. The product can be used as a partition between interior spaces. Besides, plastic bamboo is also used to set up tents, make bamboo walls in small garden decoration. Plastic bamboo is often designed with many different colors such as bright green or yellow to look very similar to natural bamboo.

Used in Deco design

Decor application in exterior decoration to enhance aesthetic value, bring a perfect living space. The main purpose when decorating artificial bamboo in the Decor style is to bring freshness, not to be boring and to help people experience an interesting living space.

However, applying Decor in exterior decoration with artificial bamboo is not a simple thing. You need to know how to consider the layout, installation with and appropriate items to ensure reasonableness.

Design of bamboo fence

One of the applications that cannot be ignored when it comes to artificial bamboo is the design used as a fence. From the types of plastic bamboo can be created with many different designs of bamboo fences. Depending on the garden pattern, color and layout, we can choose bamboo colors, as well as choose the most suitable and outstanding design.

Designing a bamboo hut

Bamboo is considered an inspiration for architects to design beautiful huts . However, with the amount of bamboo decreasing significantly, artificial bamboo is considered a perfect alternative in the design of the hut. Depending on the needs of use such as designing bamboo huts for the garden, in tourist areas, resorts, … that architects can offer the most suitable design ideas.

Architectural design of the house

With a compact and eye-catching design, artificial bamboo is often used flexibly by architects in home design. Possessing its own high durability, flexibility, bamboo can combine most different materials to bring an airy and open space. In particular, bamboo is also used in many large architectural works. The design of the house is based on artificial bamboo material, aiming at a traditional style, but equally luxurious and splendid, creating a feeling of closeness and familiarity for users.

Above is some basic information about artificial bamboo, hope to bring you with the necessary knowledge. If you want to know Bamboo poles for sale near me visit the link. Now, you can safely choose for yourself the design of the exterior of your house with plastic bamboo to make your living space more prominent. For a truly unique and different living space, you can also refer to some other decorative construction materials to design your living space such as: artificial straw , decorative stone , murals , etc. garden tiles ,… Contact Truc Xinh for advice on beautiful, impressive designs with your own style.

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